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Charo poses with guitar Charo's Discography
This is a listing of Charo's recordings (and one music video). Most people think of Charo as a talented singer and comedienne, but Charo is internationally recognized as one of the premier flamenco guitarists in the world and won Guitar Player magazine's Readers Poll as Best Flamenco Guitarist two years in a row.

Salsoul Orchestra - Solo Albums - Music Videos - Misc. Singles

With the Salsoul Orchestra
Cuchi-Cuchi - Charo with the SalSoul Orchestra Cuchi-Cuchi
SalSoul Records 1977 #SA 8515
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Side 1
1. Dance a Little Bit Closer 4:25
2. Let's Spend the Night Together 4:20
3. Borriquito 2:31
4. More of You 4:55
5. El Reloj 3:05

Side 2
1. Speedy Gonzalez 2:44
2. Cuchi-Cuchi 4:17
3. Cookie Jar 2:29
4. You're Just the Right Size 3:33
5. Only You 3:35

Produced a single:SZ-2048 - Dance A Little Bit Closer/Cuchi-Cuchi 1978

Dance A Little Bit Closer peaked at #18 on the Billboard Charts in 1978.

Olé, Olé - Charo with the SalSoul Orchestra

Olé, Olé
SalSoul Records, 1978 #SA 8516
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Released on **pink** vinyl

Contains the tracks:

Olé, Olé
Concierto De Aranjuez
Stay With Me
Hot Love
Love Boat Theme

Produced the singles:
SZ-2075 - Olé, Olé (33) 1978 (pink vinyl)
SZ-2085 - Stay With Me/Concierto de Aranjuez 1979
SZ-#### - Hot Love/Stay With Me (33) 1979

I hope to get a better scan of the album cover someday. Olé, Olé peaked at #36 on the Billboard Charts in 1978 and Stay With Me peaked at #55 in 1979.

Bailando con Charo

Bailando con Charo
Caytronics, 1981 #CYZ 6008
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Side A - "Musica para bailar"
Guantanamera - 3:28
Esperandote (Standing in the Rain) - 4:06
Solo Para Ti (Back Again With You) - 3:20
La Mojada - 3:15
Eres Tu - no time given

Side B - "Musica clasica interpretada con mi guitarra"
Concierto de Aranjuez - 4:22
Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Mi Guitarra) - 4:37
Romance de Amor - 2:06
Chiquitita - 2:30 Yes, this if the famous Charo cover of the classic ABBA song!

Produced the single:
CY80-06 La Mojada/Wet Back (45) 1981

Solo Albums
Guitar Passion autographed for Josh in 1998, released in 1995 Guitar Passion
Universal Wave Records 1994
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Pop Album of the Year (female artist) at the 1995 Billboard International Latin Music Conference

1. Caliente (Hot) 4:30
2. Burbujas (Bubbles) 3:51
3. Fantasia (Fantasy) 4:58
4. Luna Clara (Clear Moon) 5:39
5. Tu Calor (Your Body Heat) 4:00
6. La Segadora y El Carretero (The Harvester & The Wagon Men) 4:47
7. Seduccion (Seduction) 4:33
8. Suenos de España (Dreams of Spain) 4:33
9. Leyenda (Legend) 6:18
10. Romance de Amor (Romance of Love) 2:40

Note: This album was re-released in 1999 as "Caliente!" with the additional track "Bolero" as the 10th track and "Romance de Amor" as the 11th track.

Gusto released in 1997

Universal Wave Records, May 1997
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1. Besame Mucho 4:31
2. Dance a Little Bit Closer - An update of her Salsoul classic 4:45
3. Give Me Cuchi 5:06
4. El Amore 4:57
5. Me Gusta 3:57
6. Serian Las Dos 4:35
7. Dame Cuchi - Spanish vershion of Give Me Cuchi 5:07
8. El Amore - Spanish version 4:56
9. Serian Las Dos - Spanish version 4:09
10. Caliente (Instrumental) from Guitar Passion 4:29

Charo and Guitar released in 2005

Charo and Guitar
Universal Wave Records, September 20, 2005, #UW1416-2
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1. Picante (That's Hot) 4:24
2. Luna de Fuego (Moon of Fire) 4:28
3. En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor (In Aranjuez with Your Love) 5:03
      from Bailando Con Charo and Ole Ole
4. Bolero 4:04 the Charo Classic finally makes it to CD
5. Serenata [Guitar Serenade] 4:33 (aka Suenos de España from Guitar Passion)
6. Eres Tu (You Are) 4:52
      from Bailando Con Charo - updated without Disco beat
7. Caliente (Hot) 4:30 from Guitar Passion and Gusto
8. Malagueña 4:44
9. Disco Bolero [Bolero Dance Version] 6:51
10. Picante [Party Time Version] 4:24

Espana Cani released in 2008

España Cañi: The Remixes Vol. 1
Universal Wave Records, July 1, 2008
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1. Peitor Angell's Main Floor Club Remix 9:07
2. Twisted Dee's Brazilian Samba 8:43
3. Julian Marsh's Progressive Remix 8:18
4. Original Version Club Mix 7:24
5. Peitor Angell's Main Floor Radio Edit 4:29
6. Twisted Dee's Brazilian Samba Radio Edit 4:33
7. Julian Marsh's Progressive Radio Edit 4:21
8. Original Version Radio Edit 4:26

España Cañi reached #14 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart on October 11, 2008. It was Charo's highest ever placement on a Billboard chart, and the first since Stay With Me peaked at #55 in 1979.

España Cañi: The Remixes Vol. 2
Universal Wave Records, November 11, 2008
This album is no longer sold separately, but these tracks are now included on the same album as Volume 1

1. España Cañi (Rod Carillo Underground Remix) 8:19
2. España Cañi (Belmares & Barone Remix) 8:56

Sexy Sexy Released in 2010

Sexy Sexy
Charo's son Shel wrote this song for her. She released a Radio Edit in October 2010 supported by an appearance on the Wendy Williams show. In March 2011, she released a remixes album similar to España Cañi and promoted it by appearing at the Palm Springs White Party.

Sexy Sexy Radio Edit
Universal Wave Records, October 6, 2010

1. Sexy Sexy Radio edit

Sexy Sexy - The Remixes
Universal Wave Records, March 22, 2011

1. Peitor Angell's Mega Party Remix 7:46
2. Joe Gauthrequx's Club Remix 8:43
3. Twisted Dee's Club Remix 8:56
4. Barona & Hull vs Rafael M Club Remix 7:04
5. Peitor Angell's Mega Party Mix Show Edit 5:18
6. Joe Gauthreaux's Radio Edit 4:26
7. Barona & Hull's vs Rafael M Radio Edit 4:42
8. Twisted Dee's Mixshow Edit 5:42
9. Original Version 4:10
10. Peitor Angell's Mega Party Remix Radio Edit

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Fantastico 2017

Charo Entertainment, September 12, 2017
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Charo released a new single for the first time in 7 years entitled, Fantastico. Just one track but packs a punch!

1. Fantastico 4:25

Beaseme Mucho 2020

Besame Mucho
Charo Entertainment, February 13, 2020
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Charo released a new single of the classic Besame Mucho performed by her on her famous guitar. It was released near the one year anniversary of the tragic death of her husband Kjell. Not sure if it was an intentional tribute, but we here at Charo.info thinks it is a wonderful, loving tribute to him.

1. Besame Mucho - Single 4:27

Music Videos
Blame It On The Macarena Blame It On The Macarena
Music Video 1996
Buy Blame it On the Macarena at Amazon

The "Macarena" has the whole world dancing! Ball Players (including Pedro Martinez) are dancing it, kids are dancing it, even cops are dancing it.

They're dancing in the streets, nightclubs, and schools. They're dancing it at weddings, on cruise ships, and political conventions. They're dancing it everywhere.

The "Macarena" is here to stay!

Shot in South Beach, Florida this fun-filled video will show you how the "Macarena" has become an international dance craze.

So get up, get ready, and let Charo be your personal "Macarena" instructor as she teaches you step by step this contagious dance in her own inimitable way.

...and if you can't stop dancing....
"Blame it on the Macarena"

--from the back cover

Charo does the Macarena over and over and over again, features a portion of her concert, including her guitar performance of "Caliente" and also some bloopers!

Misc Singles
Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad
Universal Wave Records #UV20101
Published by Charo Entertainment in 2010

This is an MP3 single release you can purchase through iTunes

Donde Esta Santa Clause

Mamacita, Dondé Está Santa Clause
SalSoul Records 1978 #SZ 2076

Side A is the vocal version
Side B is the instrumental version

Note: This CD Single has been included on the new CD of Olé, Olé

La Salsa 12" 1976
Capitol Records France 1976 #SP-1006
Side A is Charo's La Salsa - 2'40"
Side B is Walter Murphy And The Big Apple Band : A Fifth Of Beethoven - 3'02"

Produced and arranged by Tony Camillo
Written by Xavier Cugat - R. Angullo - Tony Camillo
12" single with a leopard print label! See image at discomusic.com

Not sure if this is the same as:
Capitol 4203 - La Salsa b/w Flamenco Salsa 1977
(probably this is the American release...)

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