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Charo's Filmography
A list of Charo's appearances in movies and on television.
This information is obtained primarily from IMDb and fleshed out from various sites.

Tiger by the Tail (1968) as Darlita
Elvis: That's the Way It Is (1970) Charo performed in the show with Xavier Cugat
The Concorde, Airport '79 (1979) as Margarita - Buy the Airport Terminal Pack (which includes Airport '79) DVD at Amazon
Moon Over Parador (1988) as Madame Loop - Buy the Moon Over Parador DVD at Amazon
Thumbelina (1994) as the voice of Mrs. Toad - Buy the Thumbelina DVD at Amazon
Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017) as the Queen of England (Her son Shel has a cameo as well as the Prince!) - Buy Sharknado 5 on Amazon.com

TV Appearances
Sabado 64 (3-13-65) - Charo performed with the Xavier Cugat Orchestra
The Ed Sullivan Show (episode 908 - 2/26/1967) Charo performed "Shalom Aleichem" with the Xavier Cugat Orchestra
The Ed Sullivan Show (episode 918 - 5/7/1967) Charo performed a latin medley with the Xavier Cugat Orchestra
The Hollywood Palace (episode 172 - 3/15/1969) Charo performed with Sammy Davis,Jr. and also by herself
The Name of the Game (11/20/70 and 11/27/70) - Charo appeared in this series in the two part episode "I Love You, Billy Baker"
Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In (12-20-1971) - Charo got it socked to her on this episode of the classic show
Ironside (1/13/72) - Charo guest starred on the episode "Find A Victim"
The Wacky World of Jonathan Winters (1972)
Hollywood Squares - The Peter Marshall Era - Charo appeares as a regular panelist every now and then from 1972 to 1978 (At least 40 episodes).
The Dean Martin Show - Charo appeared on an early roast of Ed McMahon (1972) and another episode in early 1973
Carol Burnett Show - (09/22/73) - with Tim Conway, Petula Clark
Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope in 'Joys' (1976)
The Donny and Marie Show First Season Episode 6 (2/26/76) - with Roy Clark, George Gobal, and the Osmond Brothers
The Charo Show May 24, 1976 - This was a pilot for a variety show starring Charo and Dave Michaels. It was through his web site that I found about the show. He was glad to pass on the following interesting facts as well as the image:
It taped October 20, 1975 at CBS Television City
It featured Frank De Vol and Dave as the straight men to Charo's zaniness. The producers were trying to capture the magic of Charo's appearances on the Merv Griffin Show with frequent misunderstandings etc.
Other guests on the show were Mike Connors, Beatrice Colen, Ray Steward and Phillip Tanzini
The show won it's time slot beating the John Davidson Show, but was never picked up as a series
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Danny Thomas (1976) and Gabe Kaplan (1977)
The Midnight Special (episode 156 - 4/2/1976) - Charo performed her single "La Salsa" on this weeks show hosted by Natalie Cole.
Charo and the Sergeant (8/24/76) - Charo did a pilot with Tom Lester in which she was the high spirited wife of a straight laced military man
The Mike Douglas Show (Week of 11/29/76) - Charo co-hosted the Mike Douglas Show this week
The Peter Marshall Variety Hour - (11-14-76) - Another of Charo's many variety show appearances
Sonny and Cher Show (1976-1977) - Charo appeared on Shows 12, 15, and 32 - this was the last of the 4 shows that Sonny and Cher hosted.
The Captain and Tennille Show (1976-1977) - Apparently Charo was hit in the face with a pie on the 3/7/77 show
Chico and the Man - Charo played Aunt Charo in the 1977-1978 season
The Love Boat - One of her most famous roles, Charo played April Lopez in episodes:
Season 1 1977-1978
Episode 4: Message for Maureen/Gotcha/Acapulco Connection
Available on Season 1 Volume 1 DVD Buy at Amazon

Season 2 1978-1979
Episode 51: Super Mom/I'll See You Again/April's Return
Available on Season 2 Volume 2 DVD Buy at Amazon

Season 3 1979-1980
Episode 69: April's Love/We Three/Happy Ending
Available on Season 3 Volume 2 DVD Buy at Amazon

Season 4 1980-1981
Episode 93: April the Ninny/The Loan Arranger/First Voyage, Last Voyage
Episode 99: Return of the Ninny/Split Personality/Touchdown Twins
Season 4 Volume 1 DVD Buy at Amazon
Season 4 Volume 2 DVD Buy at Amazon

Season 5 1981-1982
Episode 136: April in Boston/ Breaks of Life/Saving Grace

Season 6 1982-1983
Episode 150: Abby's Maiden Voyage/He Ain't Heavy/I Like to Be in America

Season 8: 1984-1985
Episode 201: Aerobic April/The Wager/Story of the Century

Season 9: 1985-1986
Episode 226: Forties Fantasy - the only episode she does not play April Lopez

Specials 1987
Episode S9: Who Killed Maxwell Thorn - 2 hour special episode

The Brady Bunch Hour(episode # 1.4) 3/21/1977 Charo appeared with the Hudson Brothers
Happy Birthday Las Vegas 1977 - Charo appears in this TV Special celebrating Las Vegas
ABC's Silver Anniversary Special (1978)
The Bob Hope All Star Comedy Special from Australia (1978)
Happy Birthday, Bob! (1978) - All Star Birthday salute to Bob Hope
The Wonderful World of Disney - Charo appeared on the November 19, 1978 episode honoring Mickey's 50th Birthday
3rd Annual Circus of the Stars aired December 10, 1978
The John Davidson Show July 10, 1981 - She appeared on the show not long after giving birth to her son and by all accounts, proved she was still in great shape.
Fantasy Island Episode 5-5 (7 Nov 1981) "La Liberatora / The World's Strongest Man", Episode 6-14 (19 Feb 1983) "Revenge of the Forgotten / Charo", and Episode 7-22 (19 May 94) Surrogate Mother / Ideal Woman
Perry Como's Easter in Guadalajara (4-3-1982)
Family Fued (1983) - Charo appeared in a themed episode of the classic game show called Battle of the Perfect 10s
Star Search (1985) - Charo appeared on episode 2.18 as a presenter
The Jeffersons playing "Herself" in episode: "You'll Never Get Rich" (episode # 11.9) 1/8/1985
The Facts of Life playing "Herself" in episode: "Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green" (episode # 7.8) 11/9/1985
The Tortellis (3-18-1987) - Charo appeared in the episode entitled "Coochie, Coochie"
Hollywood Squares - The John Davidson era - Charo appears on at least 7 episodes (I think its more like 35 since they use the same celebs all week)
Marblehead Manor playing "Cookie" in episode: "Chinny Chin Chum" (episode # 1.18) 2/28/1988
Pee-Wee Herman's Christmas Special (1988) - Charo appeared on the show and sang "Feliz Navidad"
Blame it On the Macarena (1996) Charo's video instructs people how to do the then-famous dance craze. See Discography page for more info.
The Daily Show (5-20-97) - Charo appeared on the Daily Show while Craig Kilborn was host
The Naked Truth (1995/I) playing "Herself" in episode: "Bully For Dave" (episode # 3.3) 10/6/1997
Sin City Spectacular (1998) (episode # 1.8)
The RuPaul Show Charo appeared on the show sometime in 1998
That '70s Show (1998) playing "Herself" in episode: "Red Sees Red" (episode # 3.2) 10/10/2000
íViva Vegas! (2000) playing "Herself" 7/8/2001
Sprint PCS Commercial (2001) - Charo was seen in an ad for Sprint PCS - The wife says "I want to go hiking tomorrow" and the husband "brings home Charo".
Hollywood Squares - (2002-2004) - The Tom Bergeron era - Charo appeared at least 46 times
The Brak Show (2001) - (episode #8 - December 2, 2001) Charo provides the voice of 'Chiquita' in the episode Psycholahoma.
The Love Boat TV Tales (2002) - Charo talks about her many, many guest appearances
The Wayne Brady Show (2003) - Charo appeared on the 2/3/03 episode of Vegas Week. She appears 40 minutes into the show performing "The Ketchup Song" by Las Ketchup and then later sits down for an interview where she blows right on by the usually quick Wayne Brady.
I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (2003) - Episodes 5 and 8 - Charo makes brief appearances
Insomniac With Dave Attell (2003) - Charo appeared on the 6/5/03 episode (#405) "Las Vegas". Dave had a dream to play cards with Pat Morita, Charo, and Robin Leach and does so at the Sahara Casino.
Today Show (2003) - Charo performed on the 7/26/03 episode. She performs "The Ketchup Song" aka "I said a Hey!" as well as "Bolero" at Rockerfeller Center in NY
After Hours with Cal Thomas (2003) - Charo appeared on the 8/16/03 episode. Charo sits down with Cal in the second half of the show and then performs Bolero.
VH-1's Where Are They Now: TV Bombshells (2003)
Celebrities Uncensored (2003) - Charo appears on the 11/26/03 episode (1.15)
2nd Annual TV Land Awards (2004)
TV Land's Top Ten (2004) Charo was a frequent talking head on the show
The Yesterday Show with Johnny Kerwin (2004) - Charo appears with Dick Cavett on the pilot episode
The Surreal Life Season 3 (2004) - Charo is one of the house guests in this season along with Flava Fav, Jordan Knight, Ryan Starr, Brigitte Nielsen, and David Coulier.
Cold Turkey (2004) - Charo guests on one of the episodes. The show is about a group of smokers who have been duped into living in a house to quit smoking cold turkey.
The George Lopez Show (2005) - Charo guested on the Tues. Feb 22, 2005 episode called "George Buys a Vow"
That's Kentertainment (2005) - Charo guested on the Feb 17 episode - you can watch an archived version at www.BroadwayWorld.com
3rd Annual TV Land Awards (2005) - Charo appeared in a Desperate Housewives skit along with Shirley Jones, Don Knotts, Barbara Eden, Joyce DeWitt, and Tom Bosley
Queer Edge (2005) - Charo co-hosted 5 episodes of this series with Jack E Jett and Sandra Bernhard
Tony Danza Show (2005) - Charo was a guest on the 10/25/05 episode
I Love the Holidays (2005) - Another talking head appearance
Las Vegas (2006) - Charo was a guest on the 3/10/06 episode titled "Lyle and Substance"
So noTORIos (4/23/2006) - Charo guest stars as herself
Matha Stewart (4/25/2006) - Charo was a guest on the 4/25/06 show - they showed a clip of a 1983 Merv Griffin Show where they appeared together.
I Love the 70's Part 2 (2006) - Charo was a commentator on the series
GEICO (2006) - Charo appears in a GEICO ad as a celebrity translating regular customer's statements. Began airing in July 2006
Chappelle's Show: The Lost Episodes - Charo appeared in a skit on the 16 July 2006 episode
5th Annual TV Land Awards (2007) - She appeared in the skit 'Ugly Betty White'
The Insider - Charo appeared on the 1-4-08 episode to promote getting herself on Dancing with the Stars
Viva Hollywood! (2008) - Charo appeared on the 5-11-08 episode to help aspiring Telenovela stars
Escandalos TV (2008) - Telefutura dropped into Charo's house on 10-31-08 to see what she was doing on Halloween
Ru Paul's Drag Race (2009-2012) - Charo appeared on three episodes: "Extra Special Edition" and "Absolut Drag ball" as well as the Season 4 Reunion Special
The Florence Henderson Show (2-2-2009) - Charo was Florence's guest on the show aklong with Henry Diltz and Peter Richman
2009 Game Show Awards (6-6-2009) - Charo is a contestant during a skit
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List (6-15-2009) - Charo was heard on the phone in the Lily Tomlin episode
Celebrity Habla (9-25-2009) - Charo gives her experience of living as a Latina in the US
The Best of Entertainment Las Vegas Style (2009) - Charo filmed this special in Vegas and it supposedly aired on PBS, however I do not have confirmation of an air date.
Suite Life on Deck (2010) - Charo guest stars on the Disney Channel series as the disapproving mother of Esteban who is getting married
The Naturalized (2010) - Charo talkes about becoming an American citizen in this documentary
The 8th Annual TV Land Awards (2010) - Charo makes another appearance on the awards show
Wendy Williams Show (10-5-2010) - Charo performed her new dance club hit: Sexy Sexy!
The Joy Behar Show (10-7-2010) - Charo talked about her new single Sexy Sexy as well as her history.
Latino 101 (2010-2011) - Charo appeared on 8 episodes of the comedy series
Watch What Happens: Live (2-22-2011) - Charo was a guest on the Bravo talk show
Lopez Tonight (5-12-2011) - Charo performed "Sexy Sexy!"
RuPaul's Drag U (7-25-11) - Charo is a judge on the episode "Naughty Nurses"
Celebrity Ghost Stories (11-3-2012) - Charo tells about her encounter with a Ghost in the 10th episode in season 4
Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23 (5-17-2013) - Charo appears as herself in a dream sequence in the episode "The Original B"
The Talk (11-5-2013) - Charo appears on the Love Boat reunion special along with the original Love Boat crew
Oprah: Where Are They Now? (6/8/14 - episode 311 season 3) - Charo gets everyone caught up with what she is doing as well as talking about her past and her son Shel
Entertainment Tonight (11-6-14) - Charo is in a segment about a Love Boat reunion for the 50th anniversary of Princess Cruises and the christening of the Regal Princess
Hell's Kitchen (5-26-15 - Season 14 episode 14) - Charo Guest Stars in the reality cooking series
Celebrity Wife Swap (6-17-15 - Season 4 Episode 5) - Charo appears with former Love Boat star Jill Whelan. They swap lives for a week and Charo is determined to find a new love for Jill.
Bubble Guppies (2015) - Charo does a voice in the animated series episode titled "The Running of the Bullfrogs"
Jane the Virgin (2016) - Charo appears on two episodes of the CW series (Chapter Thirty-Eight, and Chapter Forty-Four)
Burger King Commercial (2016) - Charo is in a hilarious commercial for grilled hot dogs at Burger King
Dancing With the Stars (2017) - After lobbying producers for many years and not having time on her schedule, Charo finally appears on Season 24
The Talk (2019) - Charo again appeared on the CBS Daytime talk show, this time to discuss the tragic death of her husband.

In addition to the shows listed here, Charo also appeared on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" (at least 17 times), "Late Night with David Letterman", "The Merv Griffin Show" (at least 3) many times.

In 2001 Charo appeared as a guest star in the off-Broadway play Pete 'N' Keely

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